Crafting the perfect image for your wedding day is an ongoing partnership from the first email to the last dance of the night. You deserve a designer who knows you by your name and love story, not an X on the calendar. When you invite us to be a part of your special soiree, you can count on personalized proposals, caring communication and the expert execution you need to make your wedding dreams come true. We never forget we’re working for you, but the magic happens because we work with you.


complimentary consultations

When you reach out to Thistle + Croi, our first priority is to sit down with you and have a conversation like real people. Emails are efficient, but we need to see the sparkle in your eye when you talk about the things you love.

Let’s sit down someplace comfortable for you and talk about all your ideas, priorities and even the things that are an absolute no from you — especially those things. There’s no charge.

Once we’ve had a chance to go over the details, we’ll create a custom proposal that’s visually engaging and easy to understand so we can hop on this journey together and make your wedding day one you’re happy to remember.

personalized design

We’re all about inspiration, not imitation because the design of your day should be as unique as you are. We take your favorite ideas, mix them with the lovely details of you and your relationship and create a recipe for bespoke beauty that’s never recycled or re-purposed.

The typical avenues for wedding inspo are a veritable buffet of predictability, but you’re looking for something more. You don’t have to know the names or technical terms; that’s our job. As a team, we’ll work to empower you to make the best decisions for yourself while knowing you’re in trustworthy hands when it comes to the details that may otherwise feel overwhelming.

It’s the last time you’re going to do this, and with us, it will be right.

expert execution

Each and every flower has its own, specific twists and turns. It has its own personality. When it comes to design, it’s not our job to hold dominion over the blossoms we use; it’s our job to acknowledge that individuality and utilize each stem precisely where it needs to be in order to allow it to shine its best — because you deserve its best.

You’ve found the place you belong: with your beautiful, brilliant partner. We find the place each little bloom belongs because when we love them like we love you, you get the very best we have to offer.

And you better believe that we’re going to love you!

Professional Photos are generously shared by the amazing photographers we have the pleasure of working with. We invite you to follow the links to see more of each artist’s work. All uncredited photos are the property of Shannon Graham, Thistle + Croi/Little Wedding Extras.


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