Our conscientious couples are concerned about the carbon footprint they leave behind. Amazing strides have been made in the cut flower industry to allow ecologically minded clients to realize their creative vision without compromising their values.

Local and Seasonal

Whenever possible, we source our flowers locally to minimize the environmental impact with the added benefit of supporting local small businesses. Native varieties are cultivated to grow harmoniously with the local soil and fauna. Organic growing techniques keep chemical pesticides and fertilizers away from your home, your clients, or your big day.

Domestic and organic

The Texas heat limits the growing season for many types of flowers, so when we can’t buy local, we buy domestic. Growers in the Pacific Northwest and the Central California coast enjoy near year-round growing seasons and we partner with the very best farms to bring you unique varieties and cultivars developed to cooperate with the local growing conditions.


ethical imports

When local and domestic varieties won’t fulfill your vision, we source from trusted farms outside of the US. We only place orders with farms bearing the Rainforest Alliance Certification. These farms meet or exceed exacting requirements of biodiversity, fair trade, conservation and ethics. To learn more about the requirements of the Rainforest Alliance, click here.

Sustainability isn’t simply limited to the types of flowers we use or from where we source them. Many aspects of modern floral design implement floral foam which notoriously spreads microplastics into the ecosystem and has the added implications of being non-compostable and dubiously biodegradable. Many foam-related conveniences also employ single-use plastics that can neither be reused nor recycled. We prefer to return to some of the oldest mechanics of floral design which offer you the same quality with the added benefit of knowing that once the flowers wilt, you’re not left with landfill waste. These processes involve more creative labor, but the end result is the beauty you want with a product that leaves your values intact.