About the Designer

Shannon Graham Thistle and Croi

What happens when a reporter becomes a floral designer?

It sounds like a strange progression, doesn’t it? Maybe not as strange as you think. As a journalist, I have a passion for storytelling, but as a designer, I’ve learned how to adapt new media to tell some of the most important stories of all: the love stories of the couples I’m privileged to serve. I believe in the ability of color, texture, flowers, and accents to tell rich stories about what makes you, you and when we partner to bring your wedding day visions to life, you can count on my commitment to being true to your individuality.

Art has always been an integral part of who I am, and flowers are my favorite way to express that creative side. Little Wedding Extras was founded in 2016 with the goal of helping the DIY couples who just needed, well, a little extra assistance making their dreams come true. Over time we developed into a full-service firm with Thistle + Croi launching in 2018 to branch out beyond weddings. I believe in not only honoring the individuals with designs made especially for them, but in honoring the earth, the countries, and the small businesses that provide me with the finest products in the whole world. You can read more about our philosophy of sustainable floral sourcing, but never hesitate to ask questions!